What’s new?

Both Man of the Match and the Predictor are now integrated into the main app and available on the web.

Why is the old standalone FanScore app closing mid-season?

The previous FanScore standalone app has been phased out. We were already creating an all-new FanScore for the 2018/19 season, but major recent changes to Apple’s guidelines meant we had to delist the old FanScore app on iTunes at the end of December and launch the new integrated FanScore earlier. Unfortunately this decision to delist the standalone FanScore was not in our control.

Will more features be added to the new FanScore?

Yes, we’re working hard to improve the game and we’ll be adding new functionality regularly. This will include more detailed predictions on your team’s game, mini-leagues and more. Initially the new FanScore format is predicting the outcome of all the games across your league.

Will my old FanScore points be carried across?

As the game format has changed, points won’t be carried across. The leaderboard for the standalone version of FanScore is now final for that version of the game and previous prizes.

I’d previously signed in via social login, but now I need a password

We’ve kept your account, when signing in please select ‘Forgot password’ to create a password.